Shoes Laundry Mesh Bag

Shoes Laundry Mesh Bag


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"I would say that a good shoe is exactly like a good wine. These shoes are going to stay and last for a long time."

Give your shoes a well deserved laundry wash without the hassle of going hand wash, nor the risk of putting it bare on a laundry machine with our Shoes Laundry Mesh Bag!

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Use our bag to wash your shoes to ensure maximum cleaning while preventing potential damages when using a laundry machine. The bag will let water and soap to sip out those dirt, while preventing the laces from unnecessary tangling, and the shoes itself from rubbing other clothes and the machine's interior which can cause scratches, color fading, and pilling. 

It also comes with clips for easy hanging to dry your shoes!

Dimension: 28*24.5*8 cm

- Good for shoes up to 10 US / 42 EU / 9 UK

- Can also be used for larger shoes by removing the middle divider!

Keep your shoes clean with the Shoes Laundry Mesh Bag.

Just drop the bag into your washer to give your shoes a thorough cleaning.

Made from a mesh material, this Sneaker Wash Bag will ensure that the sneakers are properly cleaned during the wash cycle.

It comes complete with hook and loop straps, so it can be securely attached to the washing machine.

The sneaker bag can also be attached to the door of your front-loading dryer to protect other clothes from dirty treads

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