Safety Pet Leash With LED By I Love Dogs Society

Safety Pet Leash With LED By I Love Dogs Society


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You already got one of our awesome LED collar. Then it's time to add more style and safety to your daily walks. Get one of our free LED-equipped leash for free. Brought to you by the initiative of Project Pet Lovers Club.

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Walking our dogs is a very big must. It helps them stay healthy and keeps them away from being bored. But the safety of our dogs and other people you will meet during your walks is an utmost necessity. Using a dog leash is one of the best way to make sure your babies can do their walks while remaining within safety distance with you. Our LED equipped leash will make sure you're visible and safe all the time!

Original price at $22.99 each plus shipping, we are currently giving away thousands of stocks with great discounts! Because of course, we love all dogs. 

Comes in different sizes to ensure the best fit.

Comes in different color for your preferred styles.

Designed to attach easily to your dog's collar or harness.

Embedded with LED tube to let you track and monitor your babies easily specially during night walks!

LED don't heat up easily and the fabric cover is designed to ensure zero discomfort will be felt by your beloved pets!


Availability: 500 stocks per week. Max of 5 orders per visitor.

S - 1.5 CM by 120 CM | 0.6 IN by 47 IN

M - 2.0 CM by 120 CM | 0.8 IN by 47 IN

L - 2.5 CM  by 120 CM | 1 IN by 47 IN


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