Portable Wax Hair Removal Machine | With FREE Wax Refill and Paper!

Portable Wax Hair Removal Machine | With FREE Wax Refill and Paper!


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Having unwanted hair can be quite stressful. Who wants to be seen with too much hair growing on body parts that you rather be clean right? And that's why people spend tens and sometimes even hundreds of dollars for wax removal services each month. Add the long queue lines and sometimes, awkward wax removal sessions and we're pretty sure you have the thought of 'Why can't I just do this at home?!'.

Well we got you covered. For just a couple of bucks that you would have paid on the spa, you can now instead get your personal wax removal machine, and remove those pesky hair whenever and wherever you want! Sounds good right?

Regular Price: $30 + Shipping Fee

Season Sale Price: $23.49 with Bonus FREE Shipping and 1 Wax Refill Cartridge and 1 Wax Paper!


Voltage:110V / 220~240V  50-60Hz


Color: Pink and Blue



Universal Electric Wax Heater for roller cartridges

Portable, safe, and easy to use!

With side window for wax control

It heats in 30 minutes

For 100ml roller cartridges

Perfect and sure hair removal

In par with professional wax services

Remove hairs at the comfort of your home!

Easy Steps!

1. Insert the wax cartridge into the wax machine.

2. Plug the machine and turn on the power. Let the wax be heated for around 20-30 minutes.

3. Turn the machine upside down for about a minute. Remove the tear-off label afterwards.

4. Apply and move the machine into the same direction of how the hair grows.

5. Put a wax paper on the treated area and press it firmly.

6. Peel of the wax paper to the opposite direction of the hair grow.

7. Congrats! You just finished your first personal wax session!

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