*Restocked! Rated 9H DIY Ceramic Protective Coat

*Restocked! Rated 9H DIY Ceramic Protective Coat


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 You asked for it - well it's finally back. Get our best-selling DIY Ceramic Protective Coat for that head-turning, bad-ass looking, long lasting just-got-out-of-the-dealership look for your ride!

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This price ain't gonna last long. You're getting pro level ceramic coating benefits while paying for the price of a normal wax - quite cool aye?

 Watch our ceramic coat in action below!


Why do I need this? I wash my car regularly and it looks fresh already as if I just got it last weekend!

Yea we get it - you love your car's paintwork and it looks so damn nice. But keeping it like that is another thing. Yea regular washes and wax do help, but they have their own limits.

The main function of our coat is to serve as a low cost yet high quality and long lasting sacrificial barrier to protect your car against pollutants and damages.

1. Our coat will prevent light to medium scratches and swirls marks from damaging your clear coat and paint. Your kids excitedly opened the door only to have it hit the garage wall? Or parking your car and suddenly heard that screeching noise as you skid your sides to a piece of wood you didn't saw earlier? Perhaps washing your car but unknowingly used a dirty cloth? Worry not much as you had just damaged your easy to replace ceramic coating only, while keeping your expensive paint safe!

2. Acts as a water repellent to maintain your car's new wash look. Our coat contains hydrophobic polymers to let water drops to bead out. A wet car is a magnet for dirt, dust, and mud - our DIY Ceramic Coat will help you prevent these from accumulating and building up on your car's surface.

3. Provides long lasting wax-like shining effect. 

4. Protect your car from the ever existing threats of paint fading, rapid ageing, UV rays, and acid rain.

5. Easy to apply with hands without a buffing machine.

6. Will protect your car without damaging your wallet as well - our DIY coat costs up to 90% less compared to other more known brands and 3rd party car care shops!

Watch a detailed application and feature review below by German car care shop XaronFR! You can click and open the video on the Youtube app or another browser tab so you can skip to different parts that you're interested in. Time stamps are on the video description!


Ok I want to try. But how the eff do I put this to my awesome car?

Easy! You can apply the coat with your hands without any machine in more or less an hour.


- Covered parking without any direct sunlight hitting your car during application.

- Clean, degreased, and dry car exterior. This is important to let the ceramic coat hold tight to your car's coat well and prevent swirl marks during application.

Let's get it done.

1. Spray just a tiny bit of water mist to the paint before starting.

2. Wrap the cloth around the sponge.

3. Put around 4 drops - enough to cover half of your hood. 3 to 5 drops roughly cover a 40 cm by 40 cm (15 inches) area.

4. Apply in both horizontal and vertical motions to ensure your cover the whole chosen area.

5. Let it sit dry for around 10 minutes. Wipe with a clean damp microfiber afterwards, followed with a dry clean cloth.

6. Proceed to next areas. Recommended order is car hood - roof - trunk - rear doors - front doors - front bumper - rear bumper.

7. Do not let any water contact to your car's paint in the next 48 hours to let the ceramic coat fully harden.

8. Enjoy your ride. Depending on how exposed your car, the ceramic coat typically lasts up to 2 years before starting to fade away.  

Additional Info

Material: Polysiloxane and other Nano materials etc
Hardness: 9H hardness
Durability: Average by 2 years
Coating Thickness: about 30um
Gloss: Shiny finish
Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12
Heat Resistance: Up to 760 degree
Volume: 30ML per bottle

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