Blessed Charms and Pendants by the Kaballah Apprentice

Blessed Charms and Pendants by the Kaballah Apprentice


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Protect yourself from harm's way and negative energies by wearing one of our abbey's lucky charms and pendants.

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Each of our charms and pendants are handcrafted by our brothers and sisters from the abbey. Every item is blessed with our oration and chants within the confines of our abbey's walls to both help protect the wearer from negative energies that may bring harm; and encourage positive energies to flow within the wearer to bring a luckier and joyful everyday life!

All of our charms are free of charge. Just pay the minimal standard international shipping fee for the blessed items to be delivered right at your doorstep. Heaven willing, we will be able to ship for free in the future as well!

Many thanks for Gamerspedia for letting us post our charms and pendants on their shop for free!


Around 250 specials charms per week are made by our brothers. Max of 3 charms and pendants for every visitor!


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