*HOT! - Anti Choke Cat And Dog Diet Maze Bowl

*HOT! - Anti Choke Cat And Dog Diet Maze Bowl


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Every pet owner that our beloved fur babies love to eat - they munch down those delicious meals so quick as if there is no tomorrow left. While it may look cute as it guarantees they like their dinner, it sadly comes with a risk.

Eating those pellets so fast to the point of not even chewing them can cause unwarranted results - specially choking which is every pet owners' nightmare.

But no worry no more as we finally have the solution to that - our very own Anti Choke Food Bowl! A specially made bowl with strategically placed molding designed to slow down the pace of their eating! A brilliant yet rare item to find in your local stores - now available for delivery straight to your door! 

Regular Price: $25 + Shipping Fee

Season Sale Price: $18.49 with FREE Worldwide Shipping 

Time to invest in this simple yet brilliant solution and avoid any risks associated with a hungry pet that just wants to eat that delicious food anytime of the day!

Volume: 250 ml
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Material: Eco Plastic
Item Type: Bowls
Color: Blue,pink,green
Model Number: PF027
Size: 19x19x4.5cm
Suitable for : Dogs or cats
Feature: Antiskid Design,Anti Choke

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