40 Seeds Per Pack - Moraea iridioides Flower

40 Seeds Per Pack - Moraea iridioides Flower


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Garden as you will live forever - William Kent

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Elegant long grass-like leaves with stalks of regal iris-like flowers distinguish Dietes vegeta, one of Boething Treeland Farms most requested plants. Blooming nearly year-round at approximately two week intervals (hence the name Fortnight Lily), this east African native is a stunning addition and looks well in rock gardens or amongst other perennials, as a base planting or in containers. A tidy shrub, it rarely exceeds 3-4 feet in height and width and is an excellent subject for gardens surrounding swimming pools. The 3-inch wide flowers are composed of 3 different types of petals, two white and one purple with blotches of yellow thrown in for good measure. They strongly resemble small iris and last only one day each though another bloom is sure to follow. Given regular water and partial to full sun at the outset, it will survive much abuse later in life. Suggested for Sunset Western Garden Climate Zones 8, 9, and 12-24, it tolerates drought, fire damage, and seacoast conditions.

Use: Outdoor Plants
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Full-bloom Period: Spring
Type: Blooming Plants
Location: Courtyard
Function: Air Purification
Size: Small
Applicable Constellation: Virgo
Climate: Temperate
Style: Annual
Brand Name: Skunhe

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